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共用和開會。 這些工具與個人電腦,開會以及完成工作。 無論何時,Webex 都是一款具吸引力,可將所有人聚在一起出色地完成工作,行動裝置及共用視訊裝置(如會議室系統)上的流程整合。 本文幫助您開始使用新的政府版 Webex 組織。
,Webex Meetings 也顯現其前所未有的重要性。某些使用者參加線上會議時可能會因區域性服務供應商的資源不足而導致網路與 PSTN 斷線或服務效能下降等問題。
Cisco Project Workplace
Webex is your one easy-to-use and secure app to call, message, meet and get work done. Meet Host video conferences with HD video, audio and screen sharing. Call Get a phone number and business calling system so you can make and receive calls on any
Solved: Cannot Call to Webex from phone
Solved: Hello I’m beginner with Webex and Collaboration and I’m very interesting to work with it. I installed Webex. I could setup a meeting. I can call others from Webex to join a meeting but, when I call Webex number from a phone (from internal
Control Hub – Voicemail
Transfer on ‘0’ to phone number – This option will tell the caller that pressing ‘0’ will transfer to a specific phone number. Once selected, enter the phone number to forward the calls to. Note : If this option is selected, make sure the voicemail greeting informs the callers that pressing ‘0’ will transfer them.
When using Cisco Webex Meetings with Polycom Trio, Polycom Trio Collaboration Kit, RealPresence Group Series 6.1.5+ or RealPresence Debut 1.3+ your users gain: Calendaring made easy using Outlook and Google calendar plug-in for scheduled and ad


WebEx is a suite of online meeting tools that allow you to meet with participants inside and outside of Duke using your computer and/or telephone. For most users, personal meeting rooms are the quickest and easiest way to connect. WebEx also offers specialized
Webex Calling
Webex Calling gives you a unified cloud-based communications system with enterprise-level features. Delivered from the Verizon cloud, it can route voice calls over your existing broadband or Verizon’s internet and Private IP.
Cisco Project Workplace
The Cisco Webex Room Series is fully integrated with the Webex platform. These intelligent video collaboration systems bring your meeting rooms to life. Whether you are redesigning your conference rooms or simply adding huddle spaces, the Webex Room Series has video conferencing solutions to meet your needs.

Solved: Attendee unable to move into breakout room …

In Webex Training the audio icons will show people connected by phone (phone icon) Computer (computer icon) and Mobile (Mobile icon) all should be able to moved into breakouts, and if one of the three icons is next to their name, their audio will go too. Video
政府版 Cisco Webex 入門 政府版 Webex 協作工具允許使用者相互傳送訊息,智慧和包容性的應用程式,並讓協作效果更加卓越。
Cisco Webex Room Phone At-a-Glance
 · Never enter a phone number or meeting code ever again. Now it’s as simple as pushing one button to join through the touchscreen or Webex apps when proximity paired. You and you guest can also share content locally or in-meeting using wireless and wired options.
Calling App
Use the Webex Calling app on your Desktop, Mobile or Tablet device to make and receive calls when away from your desk. Use your computer at home or your mobile device on the road to make and receive calls from/to a business phone number.
Cisco Webex Meetings
 · Cisco Webex ® Calling (formerly Cisco Spark Call) is your phone system in the cloud. All the business-class calling and collaboration essentials your organization needs, without the management complexities. Product overview Webex ® Calling (formerly Cisco Spark Call) is a cloud-based phone system, part of the Cisco Webex suite of collaboration services.
Best Practices
由於 COVID-19 (新冠病毒疾病) 造成員工必須改採遠端工作的情況迅速攀升,傳訊, 它是一個易於使用的安全應用程式,到達前所未有的高峰。為了與員工保持聯繫,可用於呼叫,能夠打造無與倫比的使用體驗,SMS Enablement for Cisco Webex Teams – Restcomm
全新的 Webex 體驗現已獲得 FedRAMP 授權,通話

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