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Search Online For Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Through Tomnod Staellite Images
Tomnod Search and Rescue
Tomnod Search and Rescue Help search for the missing boat A sailboat named Tunante II and its four Argentinian sailors went missing off the coast of Brazil after a storm that produced harsh winds and waves reaching 6 meters in height.

TomNod Search Group

TomNod Search Group म 658 सदस य ह . Tomnod Forum – gone Search Campaigns – go to FB.

Using crowdsourcing to search for flight MH 370 has …

That complicates things for one search effort: The massive crowdsourcing project by Tomnod, which has enlisted about 3 million volunteers from around the world to pore over satellite imagery.

Tomnod Website Set Up To Involve Public In The Search …

A website,, has been set up to enable the public to help in solving the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. The plane and its passengers—239 in all—vanished from radar as it headed to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur on March 8th.
Tomnod – Crowdsourced Malaysian plane search via satellite images. Fascinating. Increasingly, we see crowdsourced journalism and investigation. The Boston bombing was particularly active and while it can lead to misdirection, generally it’s a good thing to have
Tomnod is a crowdsourcing system specialized in data improvement, machine learning and automated computation, and human generated analysis. Search Crunchbase Advanced Search Try Pro free Solutions Products Resources Resources Pricing Log In

DigitalGlobe Is Crowdsourcing The Search For Flight …

It’s easy to contribute to the Flight 370 search through Tomnod. The site’s interface brings up randomly selected rectangles of satellite imagery from the coverage area in the Gulf of Thailand

The search online for missing Malaysia Airlines FLIGHT …

Web sleuths from across the world have joined in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 by turning to the map search website Tomnod. The online community has added to the

Tomnod Effort To Crowdsource Flight 370 Search …

Tomnod is a digital platform that uses high resolution satellite imagery to let users search for odd landmarks, debris from natural disasters, interesting buildings — that sort of thing. But when the site, operated by Colorado-based satellite imaging company DigtalGlobe, started letting users look for any sign of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the service exploded in popularity.
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Today [March 11], the Malaysian government updated the search area to reflect new information, and DigitalGlobe revised its tasking plan to collect imagery further north in the Gulf of Thailand. The new imagery is expected to be collected tomorrow morning around 10 a.m. local time and made available on the Tomnod platform very shortly after it is uploaded to the DigitalGlobe archive.”
Originally Tomnod had included 24,000 square kilometres of satellite imagery for users to search. Later they included maps of 14,000 km 2 of the Straits of Malacca and the Indian Ocean as new information was released. See also [] List of crowdsourcing []

Tomnod: Using Machine Learning & Crowd Sourcing …

Tomnod has already helped DigitalGlobe, collect close to 200,000 training examples for more than 20 object classes! Wow, who knew the crowd sourcing community was this active! Interested in being part of the volunteers, here’s the link to this project – Tomnod.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Crisis Management Tips …

Although our role in this search has ended, DigitalGlobe’s Tomnod platform continues to crowdsource the world. As you might imagine, Tomnod, an eight-person team that operates with plenty of

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