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Charity Search Director Search All Charities The information provided on this website is provided “as is”, subject to our disclaimer, and may not be accurate and/or complete. It is based on the T3010 filings that Canadian registered charities make every year. It

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Search for Charities, Public Safety Organizations, and Professional Fundraisers After confirming that you have read the disclaimer below, you will be able to search for: a registered charity, public safety organization (police or fire group), or
Charity Search Charity Search Go to Website View information on charities that are registered in the State of Hawai‘i. Developed in partnership with: Department of the Attorney General Tax and Charities Division Fees: Free Related Services Register with the
NM Attorney General
Search New Mexico Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Organizations for a charitable organization. Charity Search is based on registration information provided to the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General via NM-COROS (New Mexico – Charitable Organization Registration Online System) by the charity or it’s registration agent.
The Premier Guide and List of Charities in the UK
Use our advanced search to find one of over 160,000 charities on Charity Choice. This includes all charities registered in England and Wales. Charities are organised into 28 main sections ranging from Aged through to Learning Disabilities and Overseas Aid. The

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Find charities Find that Charity contains information about 390,446 UK charities. The data comes from the three main regulators of charities in the UK. Each charity has its own page (see an example).Search registered charities Find other non profit

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Search All Search all available databases. Publication 78 Data Organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. Users may rely on this list in determining deductibility of their contributions. Auto-Revocation List Organizations whose federal tax

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If a report does not appear in the database, it does not necessarily mean the public charity is delinquent or has failed to file the report. Questions regarding the availability of a report or the status of a public charity should be directed to the AGO Non-Profit Organizations/Public Charities Division via email at [email protected] , or by phone (617) 727-2200, ext. 2101.
Charities Register
Charities Register The Register details the charities that have been registered in Guernsey. The charity purpose, contact address and officer details can be found by clicking the links in the Register Statement column. Should you require any further information
Search Oregon Charities » Submit a Complaint About a Charity » If you have questions, please email [email protected] Attorney General Child Support Consumer Protection Charities Victims & Survivors Media Wise Giving Tips for Charitable
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The search functions below may be used to look up information on any member charity of the Combined Fund Drive. Each charity listed in this search engine has an active status with both the Internal Revenue Service and the Office of the Secretary of State

Index of charities registered in the Isle of Man

Index of charities registered in the Isle of Man This page includes a link to the searchable index as well as a link to the register of charity mergers and a table of recent changes to the register of charities (i.e. those charities added or removed within the last three

Building Better Charities

However, the Attorney General’s office maintains a separate record of every charity ever registered. If you cannot find a charity in the Charitable Database, feel free to call 312-814-2595 (TTY: 312-814-3374) to find out if the charity was ever registered.
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