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The Pokémon Company 近期公開寶可夢投票企劃「Pokémon of the Year」,將可透過Google 搜尋指定活動名稱後,The Pokémon Company 近期公開寶可夢投票企劃「Pokémon of the Year」,「Pokémon of the year」世界人 …

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A ‘Mean Look’ into the ‘Pokémon of the Year’ results
Image: The Pokemon Company International A ‘Mean Look’ into the ‘Pokémon of the Year’ results By Oliver Barsby Mar. 6, 2020 Posted in Games O ne of the most common misperceptions about Pokémon is that Pikachu is everybody’s favourite.

All The Pokémon That Should’ve Won ‘Best Of The Year’

According to official results released by Google on Friday, Greninja is the ‘Best Pokémon of the Year’ for 2020. Sure, Greninja is pretty cool, but there’s plenty of other, more deserving

Pokemon Vote 2020: Pokemon of the Year Voting starts …

Pokemon Vote 2020: Pokemon of the Year Voting starts NOW for Pokemon Vote POKEMON fans have the chance to vote for their favourite Pocket Monster over the coming weeks, with a new Pokemon Vote now available to take part in on
The Pokémon 25th anniversary features themed concerts, exhibits devoted to different Pokémon regions, and more. Show your love of Pokémon with a line of cool themed collectibles that will be unveiled and launched throughout the year.

Pokemon of the Year! Who are you voting for? : …

I know they get a lot of praise now, but I love how Black/White only feature the new pokemon to the generation. For me it was the breath of fresh air that the franchise needed, having every battle/encounter/trade/gym as a native pokemon. It really gave the Unova
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pokémon of the Year, 寶可夢 為紀念2020年的「Pokémon Day」,《2020 年度 Pokémon》票選結果正式出爐: 你最喜歡的 Pokémon 是哪一隻? 從二月初開始,《2020 年度 Pokémon》票選結果正式出爐
按一下以檢視3:17 · 前十名沒有 Pikachu,在指定期間為喜愛的寶可夢投票。 「Pokémon of the year」投票 透過
Pokemon of the Year competition announced
To celebrate Pokemon Day 2020, a Pokemon of the Year competition has been announced. Fans can vote on their favorite Pokemon starting today and running through February 14. Here’s how it works: To participate, search for “Pokémon vote” on Google. The voting screen will be displayed in your search results. Select the category you want to vote on from the

Pokemon Day 2020: The Pokemon of the Year Is
Fans around the world were able to vote for their favorite pocket monsters from the different regions of the Pokemon universe. At the beginning of February, The Pokemon Company announced a Pokemon of the Year competition that would allow fans around the world to vote for their favorite pocket monsters from the entire Pokemon franchise.

Pokémon of the Year contest dethrones Pikachu, …

 · Google’s Pokémon of the year contest gave the No. 1 spot to Greninja, but what’s more interesting is the total absence of series mascot Pikachu. In a twist, Mimikyu made the
「Pokémon of the year」投票 透過Google 搜尋加入寶可夢票選
為紀念2020年的「Pokémon Day」,The Pokémon Company 便與 Google 搜尋合作,Vote for your favourite pokemon in the Pokemon of the Year poll on Google
前十名沒有 Pikachu,將可透過Google 搜尋指定活動名稱後,在2020年2月5日(三)22:00-2020年2月14日(五)21:59為喜愛的寶可夢投票。

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“The Pokémon Company International Wins Game of the …

The coveted Game of the Year category is evaluated based on the product’s creativity, design, playability, and marketing. “The Pokémon TCG is a cornerstone of the brand, and with Battle Academy, our mission is to give families a fun and accessible way to spend quality time together,” said Barry Sams, vice president of Pokémon Trading Card Game at The Pokémon Company International.

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