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Who can manage oral cancer? An oncologist who specializes in otolaryngology or head and neck surgery can help you get reliable diagnosis. If you experience a mouthsore that hasn’t healed for more than 2 weeks or a palpated or felt lump in the mouth or throat, accompanied by difficulty swallowing and mouth pain, it is best to see your trusted ears, nose, and throat doctor (ENT).
Diagnosis of oral cancer
Diagnosing oral cancer usually begins with a visit to your dentist or family doctor. Your dentist or doctor will ask you about any symptoms you have and do a dental or oral exam. Based on this information, your dentist or doctor will refer you to a specialist, such as a head and neck surgeon.

Types of Oral (Mouth) Cancer Surgery & What to Expect …

 · Lip cancer: If you have a cancer on your lip, your doctor may perform a procedure called Mohs micrographic surgery, in which very thin slices of tissue are removed until there is no sign of cancerous cells. Tongue cancer: Surgery to treat cancer of the tongue is called a glossectomy, which means a part or all of your tongue may be removed.
Surgical Treatments for Oral Cancer Types & Stages
 · Depending on the stage of oral cancer, your doctor may recommend one or more of the following procedures: Tumor resection: In this operation to remove the entire tumor, some normal tissue surrounding the tumor is also removed in an attempt to eradicate as many cancer cells as possible.

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Best oral cancer doctor in Gurgaon. View appointment fee, patient reviews and feedback, OPD schedule, contact number of oral cancer specialist near you in Gurgaon. Book appointment online with oral cancer doctor at top hospitals – Credihealth
Oral cancer treatments
Oral cancer is one of the most common cancers in India, due to the high number of Gutkha chewers India has a high number of patients needing treatments for Oral cancers . Doctor Smile is the one-stop solution for all your dental problems. We aim to provide our
Oral Cancer Screening
Oral cancer used to be thought of as an older person’s disease, and it still mostly affects those over 40. But today, younger people form the fastest-growing segment among oral cancer patients. This is primarily due to the spread of the sexually-transmitted Human Papilloma Virus (HPV16).

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My doctor wasn’t exactly reassuring about this massive hole in the back of my throat. It’s been growing bigger for the past 6 months. For the past 4 months I’ve had a nonstop red, sore throat and no doctor has been able to find a bacterial cause and they’re saying 4 months is too long for it to be viral.

How to Tell if You Have Mouth Cancer: 15 Steps (with …

 · How to Tell if You Have Mouth Cancer. Mouth cancer (also known as oral cancer) can occur anywhere inside your mouth — in your lips, gums, tongue, under your tongue, on the roof of your mouth, inside your cheeks and around your wisdom
Oral Cancer
Oral cancer includes cancer of the lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of mouth, hard palate, gums and minor salivary glands. Oral cancer usually occurs in people over the age of 45 but can develop at any age. Our Approach to Oral Cancer UCSF offers cutting-edge
Oral Cancers
Because oral cancer can cause problems with speaking, breathing, and swallowing, we partner with speech, physical, and occupational therapists who can help you improve those functions.In addition, our expert plastic and reconstructive surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, and dentists coordinate the complex care required to repair damage caused by oral cancer or its treatment.

Oral Cancer Surgery: How To Prep For Your Procedure

Your doctor may recommend therapy in or out of the hospital to treat any problems during the post-operative management of oral cancer. What is the typical oral cancer surgery recovery time? Most people remain in the hospital for a few days after their procedure, and you’re likely to take several weeks to …
Oral cancer
Homeopathy doctor, Dr. Bhatia, guides you about the homeopathy treatment of Oral cancer. Know the signs and symptoms and find the best homeopathic medicines for treating Oral cancer. Understand if homeopathy can cure Oral cancer, what is the avilable research …

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