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Abdominal Hernias

An obturator hernia passes through the obturator foramen, following the path of the obturator nerves and muscles. There is a strong female preponderance (female-to-male ratio, 6:1), because of a gender-specific larger canal diameter; this hernia is also much more likely to occur in the elderly.
Hernias: Why & How?
 · Obturator Hernia This hernia passes through the obturator foramen, following the path of the obturator nerves and muscles. As the canal is larger in diameter in females, this hernia occurs with a female-to-male ratio of 6:1.

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The true incidence of obturator hernia is unknown. The largest reported series includes only 43 patients diagnosed with obturator hernia over a 30-year period. 34 It is thought that less than 1% of mechanical bowel obstructions arise from strangulated obturator
Case Description: In this present study three cases of perineal hernia in dogs have been presented and new concepts in perineal herniorrhaphy have been introduced. A 5-year-old intact male Spitz dog, a 6-year-old intact male dachshund dog and a 4.5-year-old sexually intact male Welsh corgi dog were referred with swelling around the anus and dyschesia.
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 · Obturator hernia–a condition seldom thought of and hence seldom sought. Int J Colorectal Dis. 2012 Feb. 27(2):133-41. . Wantz GE. Abdominal wall hernias. Schwartz SI, Shires GT, Spencer FC, eds. Principles of Surgery. 6th ed. 1994. Mensching JJ

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 · PDF 檔案Use of the midline route for femoral hernia is sufficiently established. Retropubic prostatectomy has its own literature, and the simple bilateral pelvic resection of obturator-nerve trunks for adductor spasm needs nothing but mention in the paragraphs on complete

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Sjollema BE, van Sluijs FJ (1989) Perineal hernia repair in the dog by transposition of the internal obturator muscle. II. Complications and results in 100 patients. Vet Q 11: 18-23. Moraes PC, Facin NM, Rosa- Ballaben NM, Zanetti NM, Dias LGGG (2017
“Triangle of pain”
The so-called “triangle of pain” is a misnomer coined by laparoscopic hernia surgeons who observed the anatomy of the inguinofemoral region from the posterior aspect and refers to an area which should be avoided because of the potential to damage nerves when
Inguinal canal: Anatomy, contents and hernias
Inguinal canal in a cadaver: While dissecting the inguinal canal, you will find the vas deferens coursing laterally to the inferior epigastric vessels. In addition, the hard, cord-like and firm thread felt on palpation is the vas deferens. The canal then terminates at the superficial inguinal ring, which can be found about 1 cm superolateral to the pubic tubercle.

Richter Hernie — diese kin

Richter hernia is a less known entity of the hernia family. Although not well known and overall rare, Richter hernias can lead to grave clinical sequelae. The definition of Richter hernia is a herniation of the anti-mesenteric portion of the bowel through a fascial defect.


Obturator Hernia Obturator hernias are internal herniations through the obturator foramen, bordered by the obturator vessels and ynhus. The hernia sac passes directly through Hesselbach’s triangle and may disrupt the floor of the inguinal canal. Nyhus and

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An obturator hernia is more common in older, multiparous and malnourished females because of the wider pelvis, the loss of supporting connective tissue and the enlarged obturator canal.16, 17 The first stage of herniation is attributed to weakness of the16
Femoral Triangle and Femoral Canal
 · PDF 檔案FEMORAL TRIANGLE Femoral liacu Psoas Add longus Fascia lata Floor: Muscles as shown with adductor brevis just showing. It has the anterior division of the obturator nerve on its surface Contains: Femoral nerve Femoral artery Femoral vein Deep inguinal nodes


Hasselbach’s triangle – only covered by transversalis fascia (where direct hernia comes out) – direct because comes direct from posterior ab wall Indirect: comes out at internal ring ( mid-point between ASIS and pubic tubercle (mid-inguinal point), one finger’s-breadth above) along with cord (inguinal canal, if severe can go to scrotum); note if small internal ring, may come out very slowly

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