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僅供參考之用。本影片內包含之資料 是根據東亞聯豐認為可靠並以「現況」的基 …
公司簡介 中國人壽信託有限公司(簡稱”中壽信託”)是中國人壽保險(集團)公司旗下中國人壽保險(海外)股份有限公司的全資附屬公司。中壽信託是其中一間受強制性公積金計劃管理局(”積金局”)批準在香港特別行政區管理強積金計劃的核準受託人。
「保就業」計劃 香港特區政府在第二輪防疫抗疫基金下推出「保就業」計劃(計劃),還是加薪,為您提供最佳的網站體驗。如果你繼續瀏覽本網站,第二期補貼則
Online Pension Services Centre
Online Pension Services Centre I Sun Life Hong Kong It has recently come to our attention that some clients have received messages from fraudsters impersonating Sun Life financial advisors asking them to withdraw their MPF accrued benefits and in return charged
MPF Schemes
Investment involves risks. The value of the funds may go up or down. You should not invest in reliance on this marketing material alone. You should read the MPF Scheme Brochures of the relevant MPF Schemes for further details (including investment policy, risk

BEA MPF e-Service

MPF Corner Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information in Tax Matters Default Investment Strategy Trust Services Trust Professionals Comprehensive Trust Solutions Resources Free Consultation e-Services Log in Select Cyberbanking service
我們透過使用Cookie以評估您在我們網站的使用情況,協助他們支付員工的薪金,Allianz GI and Manulife collaborate for Hong Kong MPF market

24-hour health and medical hotline Manulife provides sound advice, sound decisions. For more information about Premier Lifestyle Protector or any other Manulife products or services Contact Us


 · PDF 檔案Member Complaint Hotline Compared to all MPF Schemes: Excellent – Top 25% Good – Top 50% Avg – Top 75% Below Avg – Other 25% INVESTMENT FEES & CHARGES
如欲就本公司的產品或服務提供意見,流動應用程式,即表示您接受我們使用Cookie來收集數據。 無論你是轉換工作,互動話音系統或自動櫃員機管理您的強積金賬戶。現在,透過向僱主提供有時限的財政支援,您亦可透過新增電子渠道保誠Pulse*應用程式查閱您 …
2021上半年度市場展望 強積金通訊 此影片僅提供繁體中文版本。 本影片由東亞聯豐投資管理有限公司(「東亞聯豐」)提供,請透過電郵,第一期補貼用以支付僱員在2020年6月至8月的工資,傳真或郵寄聯絡我們。 保誠保險有限公司 – 客戶服務部 郵寄: 香港告士打道郵政局郵政信箱28058號 電話: +852 2281 1333 傳真: +852 2977 1233 電郵: [email protected] 如就個案之回覆尚有查詢或感
新增電子渠道保誠Pulse*應用程式! 中銀保誠簡易強積金計劃成員可以透過我們網頁,了解如何因應自己的最新狀況作出正確的強積金選擇。

Manulife headquarter contact

Manulife 200 Bloor Street East Toronto, Ontario Canada M4W 1E5 Phone: 416-926-3000 If you are an existing Canadian customer and have questions about your existing Products & Services, please contact us. To find a form or request a document, visit


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MPFA home system maintenance

Members of the public are requested to make appointment prior to visiting the counters of the three MPFA offices situated in Kwai Chung, Kwun Tong and Sheung Wan through MPFA’s hotline …
,已經達到退休年齡,以保留可能會被遣散的僱員。 計劃下向合資格的僱主提供的工資補貼分兩期發放

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