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動詞compartmentalize的變位形式 – 英語動詞
compartmentalize在所有時態中的動詞變形,動名詞等。 中文 Deutsch Български Ελληνικά

How to Compartmentalize: 4 Simple Tips to Remember

Learning how to compartmentalize means knowing how to manage yourself such that you still get to do what needs to get done. Not knowing how to compartmentalize may mean serious trouble for you in the long run—you might daydream, find yourself worrying too much over something small or get anxious over your bills which are due in two weeks—all throughout the day (and almost every day).
Compartmentalization (information security)
Compartmentalization, in information security, whether public or private, is the limiting of access to information to persons or other entities on a need-to-know basis to perform certain tasks. It originated in the handling of classified information in military and intelligence applications. applications.
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Putting Your Feelings Where They Belong
 · Compartmentalization is not about being in denial; it’s about putting things where they belong and not letting them get in the way of the rest of your life. You can’t just ignore your issues
Clinton’s a Compartmentalizer-Are You?
In a word, Bill Clinton is the national embodiment of a neurotic symptom that has showed up as the self-description of overreachers everywhere: compartmentalization. And, boy, can he compartmentalize.

11 Successful Women On How They Compartmentalize

Below, you’ll see how several successful women compartmentalize, so if you’re not doing it already, you’ll definitely be motivated to once you see how they do it. 1 Redefine How You Think
Compartmentalization Of Decay In Trees
 · PDF 檔案compartmentalize decay. PRACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS The CODIT model is a natural defense system, which prevents decay organisms from spreading throughout the wood, and BTRL TR-18 3 ensures survival of the tree. The CODIT model must be

Why Being Able to Compartmentalize Is a Key …

“Why Being Able to Compartmentalize Is a Key Ingredient for Risk-taking.” [email protected] The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 14 January, 2014.
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Definition of compartmentalize in the Idioms Dictionary. compartmentalize phrase. What does compartmentalize expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.
compartmentalize DJ: [] 現代英漢綜合大辭典 把分成各自獨立的部分 把分成區,現在完成, 把分門別類 間隔化, 格子化 回頁首 compart compartition compartment compartmental compartmentalization
compartmentalize compartmentation compass compassable compasses compassion Too cheerful a morality is a loose morality; it is appropriate only to decadent peoples and is found only among them. Emile Durkheim 以下字典由
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