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US Air Force has awarded $324 million contract for C-5M …

MARIETTA: Lockheed Martin recently received two contracts totaling $324 million for the C-5M Super Galaxy program. The US Air Force has awarded a $85.6 million worth contract to Honeywell to
C 5 Galaxy for sale
America Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy 87-0039 1/500 diecast model aircraft $116.54 $4.99 shipping 3 watching Built 1/400: American LOCKHEED C-5 GALAXY Transport Aircraft USAF $29.75 Was: $59.50 Free shipping or Best Offer 337th Airlift

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The C-5M Super Galaxy is equipped with five sets of landing gear, 28 wheels, four General Electric CF6-80C2-L1F (F-138) commercial engines, and a state-of-the-art maintenance diagnostics system. It can carry oversized cargo over intercontinental ranges and can take off and land on relatively short runways.
C-5 Galaxy Transport Aircraft
 · C-5M Super Galaxy The US Air Force initiated a comprehensive upgrade programme to ensure the capability of the C-5 fleet to at least 2040. The first phase of the upgrade is the avionics modernisation programme (AMP).
C-5 Galaxy
 · The newest C-5M Super Galaxy has the capability to lift two M1 Abrams tanks and can transport nearly a company of troops and gear anywhere in the world with aerial refueling.

(4K) Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy United States Air …

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C-5M Super Galaxy fleet will fly well into 2040s

The C-5M has been a part of the Air Force’s fleet since 1970. It is the largest strategic airlifting platform in the Air Force. Fully loaded, the Super Galaxy can fly at a gross weight of

Air Force C-5M Super Galaxy Upgrade Done, Will Stay in …

A C-5M Super Galaxy lands at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, April 4, 2016. (US Air Force photo/Roland Balik) The program involved 70 modifications to improve the plane’s reliability, efficiency
The C-5M Super Galaxy was chosen because they thought this would be a “cool entrance” to the military flightsim market. Real-world photos of the C-5 Galaxy are available from Airliners.Net and Wikipedia.
C-5M Super Galaxy [Add-On] for GTA 5
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433rd AW’s C-5M Super Galaxy living large at Wings …

Aircrew with the 68th Airlift Squadron represented the 433rd Airlift Wing with a C-5M Super Galaxy static display at Ellington Airport Oct. 18-20 at the Wings Over Houston Airshow. The airshow started Oct. 18 with a special show limited to an audience of physically and mentally challenged individuals and their families before the full shows Oct. 19-20.
Aircraft – Lockheed C-5M ‘Super Galaxy’
The Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is a large military transport aircraft built by Lockheed. It was designed to provide strategic heavy airlift over intercontinental distances and to carry outsize and oversize cargo. The C-5 Galaxy has been operated by the United States Air Force (USAF) since 1969 and is among the largest military aircraft in the world. The C-5M Super Galaxy is an upgraded version with

USAF receives modernised C-5M Super Galaxy aircraft

The C-5M Super Galaxy aircraft will now undergo interior paint restoration at Stewart Air Force Base in New York, US. Upon completion of the work, the aircraft will be flown to Westover and it is set to become the eighth C-5M assigned to the base.
Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy (L-500)
Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy (L-500) There are 267 photos of Version Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy (L-500) for Aircraft Generic Type Lockheed C-5 Galaxy in the Airliners.net database.

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