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Never Built New York looks at the wild ideas on the city’s cutting room floor - The Verge
20 famous buildings in New York City
By historical standards, New York is still a relatively new city — a youngster compared with the likes of London, Cairo or Beijing. Oh, the shows this storied Harlem institution has seen — from
New York Build
New York Build covers the latest projects, opportunities, investment and innovation in the built environment of the region. The show brings together professionals from across the AEC and real estate industries under one roof to collaborate, upskill, and do business across two exciting days of networking and learning opportunities.

Never Built New York: Journey Into the New York City …

Never Built New York is ultimately a guide to the city that goes beyond what’s immediately visible. It helps compare the New York that “is” with the one it could have been, and what it might one day be. As Goldin and Lubell put it: “this trek through the distant and

Tallest Modular Hotel Is Built in New York City

 · This new 19 Story, 100,000 SF hotel is located at 189 Bowery, in the lower east side of Manhattan. Originally designed as a conventional poured-in-place concrete building, our

‘never built new york’ exhibition at the queens museum

opening this september, ‘never built new york’ will explore 200 years of un-built structures that imagine new york city as it could have been. last year, authors sam lubell and greg goldin
Unbuilt New York
 · Had the hotel been built, it would have been the tallest building in New York City, and therefore in the United States. Sadly, this building would never be built (except in an alternative version of New York depicted in the television show fringe). Carlton wanted the

We Built This City: Immigrant Labor & The Fight for a …

Between 1837 and 1842, using mostly Irish labor, New York City built the Croton dam and aqueduct, which provided New York with fresh, clean water. That was the start of the magnificent water system which today is the envy of municipalities all over the world.
New York City
New York City in the 19th Century The city recovered quickly from the war, and by 1810 it was one of the nation’s most important ports. It played a particularly significant role in the cotton
 · Slaves Built New York Sept. 16, 2014 To the Editor: Russell Shorto, in his celebration of New York City’s greatness (Op-Ed, Sept. 8), didn’t mention people who have in effect been erased from

$21 million hospital built for coronavirus victims in …

NEW YORK — A temporary field hospital built for $21 million as the coronavirus outbreak threatened to overrun medical facilities in New York has closed without ever seeing a patient. >> Read

40 Percent of the Buildings in Manhattan Could Not Be …

 · Nearly three-quarters of the existing square footage in Manhattan was built between the 1900s and 1930s, according to an analysis done by KPF, an architecture firm based in New York.

The Irishman who built New York’s first subway

The Irishman who built New York’s first subway NYC’s subway can trace its origin to John McDonald, an Irish famine emigrant from County Cork. Shane O’Brien @shamob96 Mar 02, 2020 “Sandhogs

Emily Warren Roebling, the Woman Who Built New …

In an 1898 letter to her son from Marian Betancourt’s Heroes of New York Harbor: Tales From the City’s Port, Emily wrote, “I have more brains, common sense, and know-how, generally than any two engineers civil or uncivil that I have ever met, and but for me
Renaissance Radio : ‘She Built New York’
‘She Built New York’ Jared Taylor and his co-host discuss the seven women whose statues will go up in New York City: three blacks, one Hispanic, two homeless sex-workers (one Hispanic, one black), and a white you’ve never heard of.

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